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Clattery got its name from the racket of the primitive drift mines once worked on the moors, while you probably don't need me to explain that "Wandylaw" means "windy hill".
It's a bit clattery at idle but it smoothens out at revs and it feels quite lively.
2, for its part, is by turns pointillistic (in the first movement), clattery (in the second), and morose (in the third); in its final minutes there is a dialogue between surprisingly lyrical, even romantic passages and violently dissonant ones before the music finally fades away, whimperingly, to nothing.
And it's all set against that pleasingly clattery, chattery ambience.
4 is a bit under-powered and the diesels are somewhat clattery.
Under the bonnet, the clattery soonto-be phased out TDI pumpe-duse engines were also joined by smoother, quieter and more powerful commonrail units, while the range of petrol engines were also upgraded.
The diesel unit, which propels the estate to a top speed of 143mph, can sound clattery under pressure, but no more than rival oil-burners in this class.
Only if you really push it beyond 4,000 rpm does it start to sound a bit clattery.
1-litre diesel engine and there's more good news for the road tester, because it's ridiculously noisy and clattery.
Unlike other diesels, which seem to sound more clattery when given the economy treatment, the 520 sounds sublimely refined inside.
It isn't the most refined power unit and tends to be a bit clattery when cold but there's no dispute that it delivers the goods.
PICTURES AT AN EXHIBTION CBSO, Symphony Hall Wednesday's concert got off to an unpromising start, Andrew Grams presiding over a clattery, noisy Dvorak Carnival Overture.