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The diesel, which gives a top speed of 143mph, can sound clattery under pressure but no more than rival oil-burners in this class.
The diesel engine, while a bit clattery at start up, is a superb unit when up to speed in a car that feels positive to drive, has plenty of power and feels near enough bombproof.
It's a bit clattery at idle but it smoothens out at revs and it feels quite lively.
2, for its part, is by turns pointillistic (in the first movement), clattery (in the second), and morose (in the third); in its final minutes there is a dialogue between surprisingly lyrical, even romantic passages and violently dissonant ones before the music finally fades away, whimperingly, to nothing.
The Ford Mondeo TD, for example, has been criticised as having a noisy and clattery diesel engine, while the engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.
The diesel unit, which propels the estate to a top speed of 143mph, can sound clattery under pressure, but no more than rival oil-burners in this class.
103mph 8,995 Only if you really push it beyond 4,000 rpm does it start to sound a bit clattery.
1-litre diesel engine and there's more good news for the road tester, because it's ridiculously noisy and clattery.
Unlike other diesels, which seem to sound more clattery when given the economy treatment, the 520 sounds sublimely refined inside.
PICTURES AT AN EXHIBTION CBSO, Symphony Hall Wednesday's concert got off to an unpromising start, Andrew Grams presiding over a clattery, noisy Dvorak Carnival Overture.
It was also quite noisy - not just first thing in the morning when it sounded quite agricultural but even after it warmed up when it still sounded a bit clattery.
In the loving vocabulary of a true organologist, Waring begs for the listener's tolerance with what he terms the "kinetic endearments" of the unrestored organs: clunky pedals, clattery keys, clamorous stop actions, creaky organ benches, squeaky crank handles, and the like (p.