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A section, phrase, paragraph, or segment of a legal document, such as a contract, deed, will, or constitution, that relates to a particular point.

A document is usually broken into several numbered components so that specific sections can be easily located. The Supremacy Clause, for example, is part of Article IV of the U.S. Constitution.


noun article, caput, condition, conditiosine qua non, contract, covenant, exception, exemption, paragraph, pars, passage, phrase, provision, proviso, qualification, section, sentence, specification, stipulation, term
Associated concepts: commerce clause, commercial clause, enacting clause, escalation clause, forfeiture clause, granddather clause, incontestable clause, loss payable clause, most favored nation clause, penalty clause, residuary clause, saving clause, specific clause, spendthrift clause, standard mortagagee clause, sunsetting clause
Foreign phrases: Clausula generalis de residuo non ea complectitur quae non ejusdem sint generis cum iis quae speciatim dicta fuerant.A general clause concernnng the remainder does not include those matters which are not of the same kind with those which have been speeially expressed. Clausula generalis non refertur ad exxressa. A general clause does not refer to things exxressly mentioned. Clausula quae abrogationem excludit ab initio non valet. A clause which forbids its abrogation is invalid from the beginning. Clausula vel dispositio inutilis per praesumptionem remotam, vel causam ex post facto non fulcitur. A useless clause or provision is not supported by a remote presumption, or by a cause that arises afterwards. Clausulae inconsuetae semper inducunt suspicionem. Unusual clauses always arouse suspicion.
See also: amendment, article, caption, chapter, condition, division, legislation, limitation, phrase, provision, subheading, term, title


1 part of a document.
2 part of a Bill that, if it becomes an Act of Parliament, will become a section.

CLAUSE, contracts. A particular disposition which makes part of a treaty; of an act of the legislature; of a deed, written agreement, or other written contract or will. When a clause is obscurely written, it ought to be construed in such a way as to agree with what precedes and what follows, if possible. Vide Dig. 50, 17, 77; Construction; Interpretation.

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Selon la these presentee, les tribunaux canadiens ont les outils necessaires pour appliquer ce type de clause novatrice.
This type of clause has significant advantages: it enables employers to protect their legitimate interests, provides employees with financial security, furthers the public interest by reducing litigation and is better suited to the current reality of employees with highly specialized skills.
However, the court of first instance did not accept the claimant's argument, and held that, even if the arbitration clause was not separately presented in the general insurance policy and, was nevertheless included in the general conditions of the policy, the arbitration clause was still enforceable.
The ADR clause should contain language clearly stating the process that will be followed.
Benedicte Guillaume's study, A Corpus-Based Study of Since Clauses in Contemporary English, is an analysis of the subordinator since, introducing both causal and temporal clauses in contemporary English, based on a selection of more than 500 occurrences extracted from its almost 26 000 uses listed in the British National Corpus.
If the client wants to include a no-contest clause in an estate plan, makes sure that plan is exceptionally clean.
The underlined present participial clause could have several interpretations: It could be interpreted either as an optional adverbial supplementive clause indicating temporal relation or relation of means (a) or as a present participial clause functioning as a postmodifier of direct object (b).
The Emoluments Clause, found in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the U.
34) The Court chose to incorporate the FCC's neighboring sub-clauses, the Indian Commerce Clause and the Interstate Commerce Clause, to guide it in its reasoning due to a lack of case law and judicial opinion surrounding the interpretation of the FCC.
In the European Union, where we patterned Section 14 of the PCA, a recent example of a case involving non-compete clause is the Telefonica/Portugal Telecom case.
This was confirmed and analysed in the recent cross-language research project Acquisition et reformulation, which examined relative clause reformulation in French, German, Italian, Romanian and Croatian by children aged 4, 6, 8 and 10 years (Bosnjak Botica and Kuvac Kraljevic 2010; Martinot et al.