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Three men are pictured with a bicycle each - the 1871 bone shaker, 1887 Rover and 1988 Claviger lever driven bicycle - which are described as "antiquities".
This is a pun as elaborate as the work itself: a claviger is the bearer of a clava (a cudgel, like Hercules'), or of a clavis (a key, like that of Janus, god of doors), or of a clavus (a nail, like Jael's in the Bible, which she drove into the head of the tyrant Sisera).
Polymerase Chain Reaction-Based differentiation of the mosquito sibling species Anopheles claviger s.
claviger and report the species for the first time in Korea.
Aleochara claviger Sharp, 1874: 7; Fenyes, 1920: 399; Bernhauer & Scheerpeltz, 1926: 776; Smetana, 2004: 353 (cited as clavigera).
Aleochara (Aleochara) claviger Sharp can be distinguished from A.