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PPA Group's Managing Director, Pete Gunson, has been particularly impressed by the quality of the clean room, which was installed by Connect 2 Cleanrooms.
Utilizing an ultrasonic cleaning as part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process--either-for cleaning machinery prior the items entering the clean room, or in the clean room itself--can greatly improve a clean room's efficacy.
With the rigorous, defined software clean-room method and process specified, the question of whether a legitimate clean room was in place and operating can be addressed by confirming the equivalency of the intent and means employed, verifying the extent to which the defined protocols of separation were practiced, validating the clean-room software-engineering process execution and outcome with respect to convincingly achieving the intended result of a proprietary-free clean system, and reporting the results in terms of findings, rationale, recommendations and consequences.
The new upgrade features GMP and clean room capabilities with segregated manufacturing areas for mixing, coating and finishing processes.
This latest investment serves an integrated assembly unit within the clean room, one of three totalling 344 sq.
Global Modular Systems have developed a sterling reputation within the clean room manufacturing industry, not only for the superior quality of their modular clean rooms but also for broad array of leading class accessories that they offer.
The Union facility clean room is for bottle filling of powder-based products.
The ceiling tile, wall paint, and flooring material are not designed for clean room use and thus have a potential for shedding.
The brochure outlines the requirements of a clean room, details test methods undertaken to ensure AMF Ceiling tiles meet industry standards and gives information on technical performance including anti-microbial, acoustics and fire protection along with dimensions, available surfaces and examples of past installations.