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He said: "James was so clean-cut, he looked about 10 years old.
* HAIRY WEEKS AHEAD: The clean-cut Jason McCartney MP, right, could be trying to emulate the 'great moustache-wearers of the century' - From left: Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury, actor Tom 'Magnum' Selleck and Australian cricket ace Merv Hughes
High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens, 22, ditched her clean-cut image by appearing in movie Sucker Punch, wearing a tight leather catsuit and high-heeled boots.
But that's what Daniel Boys is making, ditching his clean-cut image for good.
Meanwhile, Sally Hansen's LaCross Manicure Tools will include Soft Grip Cuticles Scissors, a cuticle and nail nipper, a nail tip shaping set, a clean-cut nail clip, a cuticle and nail finisher and the Ultra Smooth ceramic file.
I'M A Celebrity host Declan Donnelly's new flame kisses her clean-cut image goodbye as she strips off in a steamy shaving ad.
The outcome is an apparently modest, glazed pavilion in the landscape, but within this clean-cut Scandinavian simplicity there are nuances of mood and sleights of hand.
The film puts a gay spin on a familiar premise, as four high school graduates--jock Jarod (Jonathan Chase), brainy Griff (Mitch Morris), flaming Nico (Jonah Blechman), and clean-cut Andy (Michael Carbonaro)--pledge to lose their anal virginity by summer's end.
The clean-cut Cardiff star will appear on stage alongside rising Celtic group Mabon and Brazilian band Samba Galez at Fonmon Castle, in the Vale of Glamorgan on May 28.
The hair practically screams TNT but, alas, it was clean-cut, kid-next-door Johnny Layton
Dropped into a California boot camp with the ironic sounds of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" on the soundtrack, the clean-cut, blue-eyed Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) gets smacked across the head repeatedly by a drill instructor.
They're clean-cut and they always have a job." When Heather married 24-year-old Army Specialist Kris Atherton, only eight weeks after they first met (she was pregnant), she also instantly achieved a level of financial security that she had never known growing up in a small town in Kansas, where her single mother worked two jobs.