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He said: "James was so clean-cut, he looked about 10 years old.
The outcome is an apparently modest, glazed pavilion in the landscape, but within this clean-cut Scandinavian simplicity there are nuances of mood and sleights of hand.
The film puts a gay spin on a familiar premise, as four high school graduates--jock Jarod (Jonathan Chase), brainy Griff (Mitch Morris), flaming Nico (Jonah Blechman), and clean-cut Andy (Michael Carbonaro)--pledge to lose their anal virginity by summer's end.
An advertising source said: "Persil like to go for clean-cut stars and Steven has really taken over from Michael in the popularity stakes.
The hair practically screams TNT but, alas, it was clean-cut, kid-next-door Johnny Layton
Dropped into a California boot camp with the ironic sounds of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" on the soundtrack, the clean-cut, blue-eyed Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) gets smacked across the head repeatedly by a drill instructor.
Witness John Daly said the man looked like a clean-cut European backpacker.
The FTCOS-F flat tube cut-off system produces up to 3,600 clean-cut, 24" long parts per hour.
The meals themselves were carefully selected by Sainsbury's to cater for consumer taste in the UK and the cartons have a clean-cut design, which incorporates a photograph of the actual meal, together with information on the main ingredients.
The charm of the ballet lay not only in the clean-cut accuracy of the performing but also in Duato's assertive yet sensitive use of the men.
He is a very intelligent, clean-cut young man who on first appearance arouses no suspicions.
Like Keaton, the clean-cut, teenage epitomy of a Type A personality played by Michael J.