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Control boxes should have sloped, cleanable tops and any doors must be free of piano hinges.
Windows should also swivel so as to be cleanable from the inside.
The filter element is easily replaceable and cleanable during maintenance operations, the company said.
Bright impervious surfaces in plaster, white paint, vitreous enamel, glass or stainless steel are not just cleanable but seen to be clean.
With Tri-Chem's SoftlyFlo paints, any fabric can be permanently painted with the unique ballpoint paint tubes, which are completely machine washable, dry cleanable and colorfast.
Results show that it is easily cleanable, and that the system satisfies hygiene recommendations.
They are made of durable, cleanable surgical grade stainless steel.
They have proven highly effective in processes to remove both cleanable and 'no-clean' fluxes and, with their low toxicity, non-flammability and zero ODP characteristics, Novec fluids deliver the optimum balance of performance, safety and environmental properties.
Stonhard's chemical resistant flooring systems withstand years of abrasion, impacts, spills and thermal cycling and shock, while maintaining a decorative cleanable surface.
Instead I let my few dry cleanable clothes pile up until the last possible moment.
The FireWatch 200L series is used with conventional fire alarm systems, and builds on the superior detection technology of SIEMENS self-diagnostic, field cleanable smoke detectors.
Pulling dirty air through the inlet at the bottom of the unit, a 4" cleanable filter acts as the prefilter for light mist, a 1" deep aluminum mesh filter traps swarf, and a 95% high-loft, ultra-fine glass filter pack captures the remaining mist.