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All faceplates on gauges/sensors/sight glasses or other surfaces should be made of a shatterproof, easily clean-able material such as polycarbonate or other suitable cleanable material (Figure 3).
Remove the cleanable filter element, NSN 2940-01-494-8456, and the base face seal, NSN 4330-01-514-9571, from the mounting base.
However, by 2006, or when all racecourses will have to provide a dedicated, refurbished and easily cleanable box for every runner in a yard, covered by modern CCTV cameras, a quantum leap in standards will have been achieved.
The product is omnidirectional, as well as backwashable and cleanable.
There is no substitute for maintenance and it is designed to be cleanable.
On asking why, I was told that the component spec was for hermetic, cleanable trimmers.
Windows should also swivel so as to be cleanable from the inside.
Bright impervious surfaces in plaster, white paint, vitreous enamel, glass or stainless steel are not just cleanable but seen to be clean.
Results show that it is easily cleanable, and that the system satisfies hygiene recommendations.
With Tri-Chem's SoftlyFlo paints, any fabric can be permanently painted with the unique ballpoint paint tubes, which are completely machine washable, dry cleanable and colorfast.
Instead I let my few dry cleanable clothes pile up until the last possible moment.
The FireWatch 200L series is used with conventional fire alarm systems, and builds on the superior detection technology of SIEMENS self-diagnostic, field cleanable smoke detectors.