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Overall, Ireland is the cleanest it has ever been with 80% of towns and cities up to or better than the European norm.
These container ships are the largest dry cargo ships powered by natural gas, making them the cleanest cargo-carrying ships anywhere in the world.
I want Britain's beaches, seas and lakes to have the cleanest water in the world.
Last March 17, the Regional Search Committee Members validated the city's practices for the Cleanest, Safest, and Greenest Component City led by Jane Cacanindin of National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).
DENBIGHSHIRE may have the cleanest streets in Wales but their Welsh spelling is rubbish
Johannesburg, July 23 ( ANI ): Tour de France champion Chris Froome has said that stringent drug testing meant cycling was now probably the cleanest sport, and the testing is very strict.
The website rated the 40 most major tourist cities in the world on the basis of: friendliest locals, friendliest taxi drivers, best taxi services, cleanest streets, ease of getting around, best public transport, best value for money, best shopping and safest city.
We are absolutely determined to make sure that these are the cleanest Olympics ever [and] all medal winners are automatically checked while samples are kept for eight years.
MOTORISTS looking for the cleanest and most affordable car on the market need look no further than the new Kia Rio, the leastpolluting non-electric vehicle in the world.
This preschool should be dubbed the cleanest preschool in Florida.
FOUR of the five cleanest beaches in the North West are in Merseyside, the Marine Conservation Society (MSC) has revealed.
Because they are, officially, the cleanest people in the UK - especially if they are aged 51 - 55 according to a poll of 3,000 adults by cleaning company Vileda.