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He asked the officials to set up special points in the city to ensure proper cleanliness.
He said that 339 operational vehicles, 237 pickup vehicles, 83 loader rickshaws, 14 dumpers/excavators and other heavy machinery would be utilized for this big exercise of cleanliness in the city.
Citizens complaints with regard to the cleanliness should be disposed of without any delay.
Over 3400 pickups would be hired for all of Eidul Azha operation and the staff would ensure the cleanliness of Ijtami Qurban Gahs by providing additional resources i.e.
'This year the administration has decided to launch the FIRs against the politically motivated resistance in cleanliness drive,' source says.
Zonal Railways have been authorized regarding operation and maintenance, including cleanliness of these Pay and Use toilets through contracts.
On the occasion, teachers called upon students and boys scouts to take active part in cleanliness campaign.
The Punjab chief minister expressed anger over ineffective arrangements for cleanliness in Lahore and big cities.
"Today, a city or village is identified by its emphasis on cleanliness. This is an important change.
"He urged all mothers to ensure that their children develop the habit of cleanliness."Hands should be washed for 40 seconds after coming out of the bathroom and hands and face should be washed before going to bed," said Barrech.
The BRSP chief said, 'Innocent children of households in various areas of Balochistan where cleanliness is not ensured, become victims of dangerous diseases.'
ANGLESEY Bathing water cleanliness: There are several beaches popular with Manchester holidaymakers on the island of Anglesey.