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2) In his first game at third base, the Dodgers' Cesar Izturis fielded all eight of his chances cleanly.
He cut a memorable double pivot around the corners of the altar table on his way to his spot, and he cut that sucker as cleanly as a professional skater before a Russian judge.
Cokins writes cleanly and authoritatively, but the book does have a textbook feel, and some of the diagrams are mind-bendingly complex.
The fourth-tier model will drastically reduce the length of web development cycles and cleanly separate development efforts.
1 satellite speakers are driven by exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horns that cleanly and accurately handle the high frequencies, creating a precise nearfield image and soundstage.
MEXICO: "If the PRI wins in these elections, even if they win cleanly, no one is going to feel that democracy has arrived in Mexico.
Waiting areas are simple glass enclosures and, as is usual with this practice, are cleanly detailed and furnished.
96% return so far this year beats it cleanly, as does the Standard & Poor's 500 index's 3.
a 61-employee permanent mold aluminum foundry in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, was having difficulty with its carbon steel bandsaw blades due to the intense heat they were generating and their inability to cleanly cut through the occasional hard inclusion.
But its sheer quantity (at current production rates existing world reserves would last nearly three centuries) makes it imperative that we improve technologies to burn it more efficiently and cleanly.
Hauser led the formation of the GridWise Alliance in 2003 to unite companies from across the country that are committed to transforming the nation's electricity grid by integrating emerging energy and information technologies to generate, distribute and consume energy more efficiently, cleanly and cost-effectively.
The device can cleanly burn either gases or liquid fuels.