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McBurney described in his remarks the advances achieved by the boiler and fuel burning equipment industries over the last decade in arriving at technologies suited to burning all fuels more cleanly and efficiently.
Scientific studies show that fuel oil burns as cleanly and efficiently as any other heating system, including natural gas.
But its sheer quantity (at current production rates existing world reserves would last nearly three centuries) makes it imperative that we improve technologies to burn it more efficiently and cleanly.
Jetting is an automated, non-contact process that dispenses fluids quickly, cleanly, accurately and reliably.
The device can cleanly burn either gases or liquid fuels.
The throw came in high, but Birmingham catcher Candace Williams fielded the ball cleanly and had plenty of time to apply the tag to Lopez.
Parts are said to release cleanly from the mold, and all parts will be ready for secondary processing without the need to de-grease the parts to achieve secondary surface adhesion, according to the company.
Marosz cleanly and clearly keeps it all in order with his pleasant baritone voice, precise timing, and his ability to differentiate characters without resorting to strained accents.
However, when the chordal melody is doubled in both hands, the left-hand part can be difficult to navigate cleanly.
The cutting wheels are said to slice cleanly through even abrasive filled materials without generating much heat, while the hooks break up large pieces of scrap.
Infielders must charge with intent of fielding ball cleanly on glove-hand side and making a good throw to 2nd.
Cunningham writes simply and cleanly, with a minimum of the mind-numbing jargon often associated with high-tech consultants.