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Naturally, in the course of continuous cleanliness validation surface quality and cleanness of all Purad products are checked visually and assessed by arrays of sensors," says Thomas Narbeshuber, head of quality management, at Agru.
In fact, there does not seem to be much argumentative force in this passage at all, and in this respect, it is typical of Cleanness as a whole.
While many scholars perceive the God of Cleanness as a merciless judge, other critics, such as Lawrence Clopper and Nicholas Watson, view the poems deity less harshly.
The chairman said guards would be appointed to ensure cleanness in the markets.
Key factors in this regard are the material or combination of materials, the soiling, the geometry of the component, the degree of cleanness required in terms of both film and particulate soiling, and the production throughput.
Tiger caught our eye in the ring due to his length, top line and hind quarter muscling, bone and cleanness through the neck," he said.
Currently, automobiles clearing emission control standards are given stickers bearing one to three stars in accordance with their cleanness and are subject to corresponding tax breaks.
There are a clarity and cleanness to his craftsmanship which heighten the ideational projection the image sprays at us.
Elegance and excitement derive from the cleanness of the perspective and the prospect of a vast future of further adventure.
She explains that 'the phrase fayre formez' from the opening of Cleanness has been 'adopted as the central term for this poet's poetics' (p.
Cleanness not only extolls heterosexual love-making not aimed at reproduction, it characterizes its celebration of loveplay as emanating from the Creator.
An "island of liberty and harmony in a sea of dictatorship and discord and a citadel of peace through stormy centuries," to quote a 1938 New York Times analysis; "it is a land of hard work and frugal habits, of justice and cleanness and tolerance, of the very essence of live-and-let-live" - and, not incidentally, the bulwark of free market capitalism in Europe.