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(16) Among the many features that Cleanness and Patience share, apart from their Old Testament source material, there are both formal characteristics--a form of verse that some critics have identified as having a particular stanzaic structure quite unlike that of either Pearl or Sir Gawain (17)--and thematic links such as, for instance, the figure of an anthropomorphized God.
Naturally, in the course of continuous cleanliness validation surface quality and cleanness of all Purad products are checked visually and assessed by arrays of sensors," says Thomas Narbeshuber, head of quality management, at Agru.
During a meeting with imams and the mass media, Helal expressed his willingness to support the campaign for cleanness.
That God should refer to the pleasures of the body in amicable or even encouraging words is particularly striking if one considers the general structure and message of Cleanness. The poem consists of three main episodes, each presenting the Maker, incited to uncontrollable wrath, in the act of destroying the unclean.
While many scholars perceive the God of Cleanness as a merciless judge, other critics, such as Lawrence Clopper and Nicholas Watson, view the poems deity less harshly.
The chairman said guards would be appointed to ensure cleanness in the markets.
During the course, 20 participants were acquainted with the means of health awareness, environment pollution protection and the importance of the personal cleanness in addition to preserving camp's cleanness.
267 for 2009 regulating the cleanness process and force the concerned bodies to apply it at the central and local level as well as the private sector.
They promise they can transform any home into a heavenly model of sparkling cleanness. If you need the duo to help with spring cleaning, call 01494 733568 for more details.
What was so apparent was the cleanness of the streets, no litter or graffiti to be seen.
Indeed, technical cleanness requirements for workpieces has increased sharply in the last few years, and there is no end in sight.
The greatest pleasure of Pop art is its cleanness and clarity.