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The Middle English Cleanness is a poem remarkable for its presentation of God, a ruthless master who easily succumbs to ire and does not hesitate to wreck the earth in a fit of anger, only to suffer from pangs of conscience afterwards.
He asked media outlets to broadcast programmes on the importance of a clean environment and encourage residents to take part in the cleanness of Kabul River.
Studiosus selects hotels based on client evaluations, which rate facilities for atmosphere, comfort, cleanness, breakfast and service.
A country will be considered with respect to its cleanness, quantity of water, and carbon emission," he said.
environmental performance out of its keenness on ensuring safety and cleanness
Elahi said a two-month cleanness awareness campaign had been launched and after the said period fine would be imposed for throwing garbage at the public places.
267 for 2009 regulating the cleanness process and force the concerned bodies to apply it at the central and local level as well as the private sector.
His photographs have a kind of heroic clarity, epitomized by cleanness and studied composure.
A world sparkling with cleanness, Air so pure and dreams secure, When cities would be united, And man of creeds in one brotherhood, And childhood so precious, young and tender, Just that one step away, Is that holocaust nearer, And that dreaded day so far away?
She typifies the modern cow offering angularity, depth of rib and cleanness of bone.
What was so apparent was the cleanness of the streets, no litter or graffiti to be seen.
Most famously, Rupert Brooke's Sonnets of 1914 glorify the soldier and the fighting experience, likening the soldiers to "swimmers into cleanness leaping.