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Twenty-five years ago, the weight-lifters - the only tutors of the era - "sold" the power clean to our track and football coaches as a means of developing explosiveness.
Thoroughly cleaning the inside of the compactor chute eliminates the source of the pollutants and the foul odors, leaving the chute coated with an enzyme that not only smells clean and natural, but protects against future buildups.
Perc is regulated as an air pollutant under the Clean Air Act and constitutes an environmental contaminant when found in soil and water.
The shot blast machine uses abrasives directed at the casting in a concentrated area at a very high velocity to clean the surface and reachable internal cavities.
Only products registered through the EPA can be used to clean these ducts; 1-800-CHUTE-ME recently contracted with the nation's foremost manufacturer of critical filtration, negative air and High Efficiency Particle Air vacuums for duct and vent cleaning.
However, the smallest size possible that will clean the work should always be used.
PURE's silver dihydrogen citrate-based Axen30(R) hard surface disinfectant is packaged by Clean Control Corporation and distributed to Clean Control's customers under the private label "Germ Control24(TM).
The MERCURY is qualified for a wide range of applications, including FEOL post-ash clean and photoresist strip, film strip and critical clean applications and BEOL post-ash cleans with dilute acids.
ServiceMaster Clean provides professional residential cleaning including carpet, floors, upholstery, special cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services.
Bowl Blaster means consumers work less to get their toilet clean, and save time cleaning by maintaining a longer lasting, fresh toilet.
This interactive two-day symposium, which also features a half-day of vehicle exhibits and optional technology tours, is designed to advance the national dialog on clean energy and technology.
BBJ's (OTCBB:BBJE) newest product, Power Coil Clean, provides the safest and strongest cleaning available to remove the most stubborn soils and dirty deposits found on various HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration) components as well as all other surfaces.