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I labeled the bottle "The Amsterdam Cleansing Compound"; and I wrapped round it the following note:
Green had implicitly followed the directions in the letter the moment he received it--had allowed the "Amsterdam Cleansing Compound" to remain on the Rembrandt until eight o'clock in the evening--had called for the softest linen cloth in the whole house--and had then, with his own venerable hands, carefully wiped off the compound, and with it the whole surface of the picture
The partial cleansing of the monument had evidently been accomplished by a strange hand.
29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company today announced the debut of a unique Japanese-style 3-in-1 cleansing tool designed with gentle heat and patented micro-foaming technology for luxurious facial cleansing that helps reveal smoother, brighter skin.
Oils are the latest buzz word in skincare but can a cleansing oil leave skin feeling as clear and clean as a traditional cleanser?
Kirkuk / Nina / The Supervisor on the popular crowd in Taza, Yilmaz al-Najar announced on Friday the cleansing of 90% of al- Bashir area south of Kirkuk.
This study will evaluate the bowel cleansing efficacy of a two-day split-dosing regimen of NER1006, versus a split-dosing regimen of a trisulfate bowel cleansing solution (SUPREP[sup.
Ethnic Cleansing and the Indian: The Crime That Should Haunt America comes from an American Indian history professor who here uses ethnic cleansing as a tool to challenge the idea that Anglo-American colonialism consisted of genocide.
99 and is especially great for those who want to trial using the hot cloth cleansing technique.
NNA - The Grand Blue Campaign got underway in Beirut Sunday in a bid to cleanse the seashore and seabed as far as knowhow and cleansing capabilities permit, according to event organizers.
Israel committed ethnic cleansing in 1948 against the Palestinians, not genocide, according to one of the UK's most prominent academics.
8,357,645 132; The United States of America/Secretary of Agriculture has patented a semi-rigid gel cleansing article that contains at least one gelling agent, at least one solvent and an effective amount of at least one cleansing agent that is released from the semi-rigid gel article when sufficient compression is applied to the semi-rigid gel.