clear accounts

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Peter could give no very clear account of his transactions with Cutter.
Here again, I find it impossible to give anything like a clear account of the state of my mind in the interval after Sergeant Cuff had left us.
Pray compose yourself, sir," said Holmes, "and let me have a clear account of who you are and what it is that has befallen you.
Yes," answered Fisher, "he gave me a pretty clear account, after all.
As a Frenchman, too, he could give a clear account of things, and--still as a Frenchman--when his knowledge was at fault he could supply its lapses with the most convenient and ingenious hypotheses.
This is just one of several chances to win for people with clear accounts.
All tenants with clear accounts and no tenancy breaches are automatically included in a reward scheme which includes regular prize draws.
The paperless program is available through the securities depositories so long as the initial purchasers or managing underwriters are members of, or clear accounts through institutions that are members of, one of the depositories.
Conner's art is based largely on the poetry of clear accounts of things; its success depends on such moments.
The Tory plans also included minimising road works, no workplace parking taxes, promoting schemes to take heavy lorries and through traffic out of towns and villages and clear accounts to show how much is raised in transport taxes and where it is spent.
Independent scholar Nasrallah provides an elegant translation for an enormous quantity of text, providing clear accounts of over 600 recipes.
23) Continuing conflicts can make it difficult to acquire clear accounts of how growers limited the demands made upon them by the colonial state.