clear language

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A Labour spokesman said: "It seems clear language was used which has no place in politics.
Veteran teacher Anders (Alamance Community College) offers simplified explanations and instructions written in clear language and a conversational style, making this step-by-step workbook truly accessible to pre-college and struggling students.
SCHIZOPHRENIA: A BROTHER FINDS ANSWERS IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE is a fine addition to any mental health or general lending library and considers basic questions about schizophrenia, using clear language to explain the disorder and how it affects individuals and their families.
When the Language Measure was passed, we were promised the people of Wales would have clear language rights.
The great enemy of clear language is insinceritya[bar] [and] in our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics,'" Orwell wrote.
The use of simple, clear language usually is more valuable than pasting a boilerplate disclaimer with legalese at the back of a report.
Award-winning poet Kathleen Spivack is an economical writer, sketching out pictures in clear language and clean lines.
According to Buller, leaders must be able to put highly complex, technically challenging issues into clear language and make it relevant for their audiences.
All the basics covered in clear language make this a winner
The 9th Circuit affirmed the decision, concluding that the statute's clear language only refers to tangible receipts.
Interestingly, although the modern Bibles strive to use simple, clear language, they are often harder to understand than the text from 1611.
The budget itself is available online from the Legislative Budget Board or at this link, and the summary - a long but very useful write-up of what's in the proposal in laudably clear language - is available from that same agency, or at this link.

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