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The clear layer was tested for the presence of HBsAg as described previously.
(20) This clear layer makes it difficult to directly observe the nanoparticle/polymer interface from the coating surface using conventional AFM.
For additional durability in high traffic areas, a clear layer of marking cover is offered in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-inch widths.
It nourishes the cornea (the clear tissue of the outer protective layer of the eye that transmits light) and the conjunctiva (a thin, clear layer of tissue that covers the white outer surface of the eye).
Outcome No2: I remove the clear layer to which the label is attached, turn it over to read the instructions, realise I don't have time to cook it and hunt for clingfilm to reseal it.
These materials have a clear layer, a color layer, and at least one backing layer but are produced by extruding the different resins at one time through a multilayer extrusion die.
A Conjunctivitis is where the normally clear layer covering the visible part of the eye, the conjunctiva, gets inflamed because of an infection or irritation.