clear perception

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With the clear perception of my plight, there fell upon me a blackness of despair, a horror of remorse at my own folly, and a passion of anger at my uncle, that once more bereft me of my senses.
I suppose it is the way with all men and women who reach middle age without the clear perception that life never can be thoroughly joyous: under the vague dullness of the grey hours, dissatisfaction seeks a definite object, and finds it in the privation of an untried good.
In endeavouring to inspire her with some fortitude, she increased her own; and though the nights were long, and the days dismal, and she felt the wasting influence of watching and fatigue, and had perhaps a more defined and clear perception of their destitute condition and its worst dangers, she uttered no complaint.
To the sentiment of being alone of one's kind, to the clear perception of the loneliness of one's thoughts, of one's sensations--to the negation of the habitual, which is safe, there is added the affirmation of the unusual, which is dangerous; a suggestion of things vague, uncontrollable, and repulsive, whose discomposing intrusion excites the imagination and tries the civilized nerves of the foolish and the wise alike.
I ought rather to write that I should have been alarmed if I had had energy and concentration enough to help me to the clear perception of any truth beyond the fact that I was falling very ill.
I had no clear perception of what it was I really wanted.
It is possible he was unacquainted with the word, but he had a clear perception of the thing itself.
When that was done, he awoke to a clear perception that Poll Parroting was solely chargeable with what had passed.
Terming the exercise of National Security Workshop as centrally relevant the PM said, "Workshops should help to have a clear perception of the challenges and problems that confront our state.
Whereas there is a clear perception among parents and grandparents that hardcore games are perhaps more suitable for (or at the least far more popular with) boys, casual games are an equally acknowledged unisex pastime.
Labour's Helen Eadie said: "There is a clear perception by women in this chamber that you distinguish between men and women.
It may be a case of semantics but Evans has a clear perception of where his talents are best employed.