clear sight

See: perception
References in classic literature ?
Despite her clear sight of her problem of keeping Billy a lover, and despite the considerable knowledge and experience arrayed before her mental vision, Mercedes Higgins had spread before her a vastly wider panorama.
At the bottom of her heart was some obscure idea that alone interested her, but she could not get clear sight of it.
Whether it was my love for Ernest, or the clear sight he had given me of the society in which I lived, that made me a revolutionist, I know not; but a revolutionist I became, and I was plunged into a whirl of happenings that would have been inconceivable three short months before.
When he strangled, quite involuntarily his arms and legs clawed the water and drove him up to the surface and into the clear sight of the stars.
He was carrying a gun - it was a silver gun in clear sight, walked through the fence line," witness Larry Samples told (http://www.
The discovery, close to Kinallen Court in the Ormeau area of South Belfast, comes amid reports of people taking drugs in clear sight of residents.
They came out flying and from a flurry of corners and free-kicks, Steve Tomassen headed wide before a better chance fell to Moult on 13 minutes when Morris played him in but he couldn't get a clear sight on goal.
Estrada said that he did what he was told by the officer to do and backed off into the building and stayed behind the glass doors with his phone in his hands in clear sight.
Dekker had three darts at double six to stay alive and his first two attempts were so poor he took almost a minute to work out where to stand for a clear sight of the target.
Journalists and their cameras have been moved and no longer have a clear sight of the mall, but can see its perimeter.
It also brings cycling's ugly past back into clear sight and Brailsford, who combines his Team Sky role with the performance director post at British Cycling, knows the sport can never be allowed to slip again.
For those of us who dig the square-jawed good looks and the clear sight picture of the duck hunter's original battle-axe, the new A5 is a home run.