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Losing something good can clear the decks for even better options you wouldn't have considered while you still had a sure thing.
The losses are being seen as part of CEO Ross McEwan's efforts to clear the decks and draw a line under the matter, said an analyst at Jefferies international.
The long-awaited nod by the Indian government to clear the decks for a Jet Airways-Etihad Airways deal will be a sweet tonic for the Indian aviation industry, which is experiencing a slump.
So we have to a debate that no one - other than UKIP and the Tories' swivel-eyed Eurosceptic brigade - really wants so we can clear the decks for the debates that really matter.
my view is that you would have had to clear the decks.
It may also take a big write-down on the value of assets as it looks to clear the decks for an incoming chief executive.
They're not expecting to make profit out of you, either - just to clear the decks.
The difference is that whileWenger will unashamedly clear the decks for several members of his youth team, the Spurs boss is more inclined to give his more senior reserves a runout.
If we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday to clear the decks for five weeks of no eggs, no flour, no salt and no frying pans, what's left?
We're all in this together So the politicians say The banks lost all the money So now we all have to pay I didn't risk my savings I just put them in the bank Reckless bankers made their millions And while they played my nest egg shrank To reward me for my prudent ways MPs have made it clear The money pigs have cleared the trough So I must work an extra year We all must work to sixty six I don't think that sounds great At least I make the cut off point Or be I'd working til sixty eight "We're all in this together" Roll up your sleeves and clear the decks We'll all work on for an extra year While bankers take more bonus cheques Ian Kenyon, Huyton
Will you make major commitments or will you clear the decks and start again?