clear the mind

See: disabuse
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Clear the mind, work on the deficiencies in your game and get ready to go again next month.
McDowell, who missed the cut on eight over par after a round containing two double bogeys, three bogeys and no birdies, added: "I have a lot of technique in my head to be honest and I have to strip that out - I have to go back to basics and try to clear the mind.
A GOOD night's sleep really does clear the mind as the brain flushes toxic material out of its cells, new research has shown.
Meditation can clear the mind and cleanse the soul if done right.
Chopra believes that through meditation, a major component of his philosophy, it is possible to awaken creativity and clear the mind to allow inner guidance, thereby unlocking the door to fulfillment and happiness.
Hatha yoga develops breathing techniques in order to clear the mind and develop focus.
Such a relaxing piece which helps clear the mind and explores the cello's offering.
Learning meditation with colors, sound, and imagery helps reduce stress, clear the mind and provides the mom with mental clarity.
The aim is to totally clear the mind of all thoughts, anxieties and worries.
A COUPLE of glasses of wine a day really does help clear the mind.