clear thought

See: sagacity
References in classic literature ?
What to do, she was at a frightened loss to know: the only one clear thought in her mind was, that she must fly from this terrible man.
His first clear thought was: I am married to that woman; and the next: she will give nothing but what I see.
Now that arrangement was not conducive to calm speech or clear thought on Jo's part, for how could she say hard things to her boy while he watched her with eyes full of love and longing, and lashes still wet with the bitter drop or two her hardness of heart had wrung from him?
She put off the hour of clear thought until Christmas, saying to herself, as she lit her fire, that it is impossible to think anything out in London; and, no doubt, Ralph wouldn't come at Christmas, and she would take long walks into the heart of the country, and decide this question and all the others that puzzled her.
In relation to his capacity for clear thought note in how many different senses he uses the word 'wit.
Judge Jones added: "I have given very clear thought to the question of whether I should send you to immediate custody.
He now has a strong voice and demonstrates some clear thought and common sense.
Actually we are greatly significant as the only animals, as far as we know, with clear thought and a notion of the self.
Did a lack of clear thought and competent leadership hide an option that Catholics missed?
When I did this 20 years ago, names of people appeared in my mind with the clear thought of why I had to ask for their forgiveness.
SINN Fein's leadership has shown courage, clear thought and magnificence in its pursuit of peace, Eamonn Dunphy claimed last night.
This distinction, and the prospect it holds for clear thought, is the central intellectual question of humanism.