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Free from doubt, burden, or obstacle; without limitation; plain or unencumbered.

The term is used to mean unambiguous or definitive and has various applications. For example, a clear intent to make a gift means that there is no doubt that the donor had the intent to relinquish all dominion and control over the property.

Clear and convincing proof is evidence that establishes a firm belief in a person's mind that a fact much more likely than not exists.

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A Government-commissioned report has given the clearest indication to date that the proposed Au32 billion HS2 high-speed rail project will be given the go ahead.
Nobody at the BBC can by now have anything but the clearest view that racing is not happy with what they're doing.
But they still have no suggestions for the man who appeared in the clearest photo of all.
The clearest sign that Harack Obama is ahead in New Hampshire came in the form=of a recent e-mail urging the recipient to double our efforts" to "put Barack Obama over the top in the Granite State."
By reporting which sunburst lines appear clearest, the practitioner can obtain information he or she can use in determining the correct prescription for the patient.
Joyner suggests as well that the world the slaveholders made included a 'culture of paternalism and dependency in the South [that] codified a rigid system of oppression and hierarchy that left little room for self-determination for Deaf southerners."(p.6) Perhaps the clearest indication of this culture was the dominance of 'pity' as the dominant Southern reaction to deafness and opposition to reform impulses in the South because of their association with abolitionism.
The clearest example of the modern warehouse is the Master Parts Distribution Center that KSS Architects designed for Mercedes-Benz.
The association was clearest in students who had at least one copy of the variant A allele on TNF-308.
The clearest and best-known example remains the pervasive 1970s neologism, "homophobia." How often one encounters this vacuous and tedious slogan, but how often it is successfully used to silence people!
These two chapters offer one of the clearest and most comprehensive explanations of narrative method I have found.
The realities and benefits of candor may be clearest in this arena and prove true regardless of the industry or location.
While automobile exports are the clearest evidence of the new terminal's success, Sao Sebastiao has earned business from other industries.