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It measures where the respondent falls between two extremes for six types of mood, such as clearheaded versus confused or elated versus depressed.
It follows from these assumptions that one can act either prudently or morally without acting rationally, for one act either way without being fully knowledgeable and clearheaded about all that is involved.
I feel very clearheaded and quite powerful in my mind.
He added: "I remember four hours later, totally clearheaded, getting up and my legs stayed down.
Rene not only exhibited clearheaded action under pressure, but a selfless devotion to helping others as well.
Hasenhuettl and I can both be as clearheaded about this issue as the pope.
One rarely sees this kind of clearheaded thinking about economic matters form an academic in the humanities, let alone a literary critic.
We should be clearheaded about one thing: The right to marry is denied us for one simple reason.
Our politics must always proceed from a clearheaded analysis of substantive programs and a determination of who benefits and loses from them.
This week-long series takes a clearheaded look at the downsides to excessive drinking among women.