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But on the subject of peace, the peace we are seeking, I have never, with all due respect and all the affection I held for your predecessors, have known someone with your dedication, clearheadedness, focus, and determination to help resolve this issue."
They make good first impressions, and they have the energy, clearheadedness, and stamina to effectively market their ideas.
The story of Mondrian is implicit in how, having failed to produce a religious art out of a study of religious texts, he almost immediately produced a religious art through a study of the art of two impeccably secular contemporaries; in total contrast to the innocence with which he got embroiled in the irrelevance of Evolution was the clearheadedness with which he perceived what he could and what he should not take over from Picasso and Braque.
the demand to include the deaths of the children in what is chosen comes from a demand for clearheadedness in one's reasoning and choice - a demand to confront clearly and honestly the important features of what one will be doing in plumping as one does.
Not so much the Mary which George Eliot ultimately gives us, as what Middlemarch seems to define as an intelligent, vibrant young woman with the degree of clearheadedness and capacity for self-scrutiny expected in a daughter of Susan and Caleb Garth.