clearly define

See: specify
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Perhaps the single largest source of disputes between contractors and owners during the course of remodeling projects stems from failure to clearly define the scope of work.
Hotline wrote, paraphrasing June conference speaker Wayne Lukas, "If you want to get something done, clearly define what it is, then hone in on it.
ICAI), White Plains, New York, USA has completed its 2005 titanium dioxide expansion initiatives, renaming itself to ICAI to more clearly define its North American presence.
The very best relationships occur when both the agent and company clearly define and communicate their needs and aspirations and then work together constructively to achieve their goals.
The Board will clearly define the subspecialty of Neurotology so there is no misunderstanding by the public, organized medicine, or its Diplomates as to its content.
Clearly define what case management is within your organization.
The "work schedule" was the FSA's attempt to more clearly define exactly what it meant in the program and to give an idea of the implementation time schedule it had in mind.
FASB also is working with the EITF, AICPA and SEC to more clearly define their roles in selling accounting standards, including streamlining certain activities and modernizing financial reporting and disclosure.
The Aluminum Metalcasting MACT Alliance will continue its negotiations with EPA to clearly define the agency's proposal and evaluate if this would be the best course of action to pu rsue.
Your company policy should clearly define sexual harassment, list several examples and explain procedures for filing complaints and company follow up.