clearly define

See: specify
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The Chairman said Holy Quran, Ahadis clearly define its details.
It is important that as Parliament debates the bill, MPs need to clearly define the deputy governors' role, instead of leaving it amorphous.
Specifications may be needed in order to clearly define that differentiation and to create consistency once that differentiation is defined."
An organization must be able to clearly define its competitive advantage in the healthcare marketplace to sell itself to a potential candidate.
has launched an aggressive 35,000 metre drilling program this year to fully explore and more clearly define some mineralized zones on their northwestern Ontario property.
Our intent with this research is to continue to investigate and more clearly define "who" this audience is and what role we, as farm broadcasters, will play with the segment in the future.
Perhaps the single largest source of disputes between contractors and owners during the course of remodeling projects stems from failure to clearly define the scope of work.
And Forrester's Rasmussen adds that centralized operations streamline and help to more clearly define business processes, and thus enable better risk management.
Japanese suppliers currently face the need to clearly define long-term strategies for survival.
Hotline wrote, paraphrasing June conference speaker Wayne Lukas, "If you want to get something done, clearly define what it is, then hone in on it."
(ICAI), White Plains, New York, USA has completed its 2005 titanium dioxide expansion initiatives, renaming itself to ICAI to more clearly define its North American presence.
For example, a tax opinion should clearly define the tax issue being addressed, present only the facts on which the opinion is based and describe the scope and limits of the opinion given.