clearly expressed

See: explicit
References in classic literature ?
The indictment had never been clearly expressed, And it seemed that the Snark had begun, And had spoken three hours, before any one guessed What the pig was supposed to have done.
It would have been as easy for Rose to be cheerful in the midst of mere squalor as for a flower to bloom white in a crowded tenement, but at the swift realization of the lack of tenderness for her which this indifference to her first impressions so clearly expressed, her faith in the man she had married began to wither.
Mrs Clennam shook her head; whether in dismissal of the deceased or opposing herself to her son's opinion, was not clearly expressed.
Goby, who died apparently of a heart-disease not very clearly expressed in the symptoms, too daringly asked leave of her relatives to open the body, and thus gave an offence quickly spreading beyond Parley Street, where that lady had long resided on an income such as made this association of her body with the victims of Burke and Hare a flagrant insult to her memory.
This time Danglars had double reason to understand, for if the word and gesture had not explained the speaker's meaning, it was clearly expressed by the man walking behind him, who pushed him so rudely that he struck against the guide.
The only cause for surprise was his gloomy aloofness before her clearly expressed welcome.
They clearly expressed their discontent from the past role of BDI in the Government coalition, demanding for it to change.
I expressed my appreciation for the Prime Minister's clearly expressed commitment to Security Council resolution 1701 and the importance of safeguarding Lebanon's security and stability.
In these talks, Macedonia has clearly expressed its resolve to bridge the differences concerning our name.
e men we've worked with have clearly expressed to us how hard it has been for them to come forward and speak about what's happened.
Mr Martin said: "Mary Hanafin's refusal to respect the process and openly defy the clearly expressed decision of the National Constituencies Committee will now be referred to the Ard Chomhairle.
His statement came on Friday after the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) clearly expressed the party's will -- envisioning current Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an in the presidential palace.