clearly formulated

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The contractor shall include explicit, Encouraging and clearly formulated ctas in the materials.
More importantly, the NCMs above two points were clearly formulated on the dangerous pro-Sinhalese media behaviour of "I am the judge, the jury and the executioner".
What the taxpayer is being asked is to pay and then wait for 15 years to participate in a lottery to access the benefit.Put differently, the taxpayer is being asked to join a scheme where benefits will be distributed among persons selected according to a yardstick not well-defined, by a procedure not clearly formulated, in a process managed and controlled by bureaucrats and public officials who are not conspicuous for integrity.
This position was very clearly formulated also during my meeting with Mr.
The participants want to show that they care about human rights, that as members of the EU they advocate democratic values, which are suppressed in Russia by Vladimir Putin's regime, and that they demand a clearly formulated approach and attitude of Slovakia in this matter, reads the press release sent to the media.With the gathering, Slovakia joins the world-wide campaign that intensively monitors Sentsov's case.
Why, with clearly formulated alternatives on the table, did the government choose a predictably disastrous course of action, at such high human cost?
This chapter is extremely rich in information, clearly formulated and has an operational character that confirms the book's quality of guidance.
and France was clearly formulated in a joint statement by the heads of delegations of the three countries at a meeting of the OSCE participating states' foreign ministers, held in early December in Vienna.
There are several types of revision (narrative, systematic and integrative), and those that are referred in a greater number are considered as systematic reviews, with or without meta-analysis, but not always of this nature, for they do not respond to a clearly formulated research question.
Such cooperation needs to build upon clearly formulated longer term objectives, taking into account demographic developments, labour market needs, and the potential positive impact of increased mobility for EU and partner states.
The last sermon (khutba) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) at the farewell Haj, which gave the first clearly formulated charter of human rights, laid emphasis on the sanctity of life and property; on the sanctity of the pledged word; on abolition of usury; on renunciation of revenge; and above all, on the concept of equality.
It is more a descriptive and analytic account than a research-based case study with a clearly formulated research methodology.