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The last sermon (khutba) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) at the farewell Haj, which gave the first clearly formulated charter of human rights, laid emphasis on the sanctity of life and property; on the sanctity of the pledged word; on abolition of usury; on renunciation of revenge; and above all, on the concept of equality.
It is more a descriptive and analytic account than a research-based case study with a clearly formulated research methodology.
Embassy based on compliance with proposal guidelines and mandatory components, evidence of clearly formulated goals and target groups, low project implementation costs, project sustainability, and the ability of the applying organization to carry out the project throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In the chapter on religion this is more clearly formulated.
The strategy will be focused on a clearly formulated public transport model in the country.
Dahan told the Yemen Times that the outcomes of the economic, health, social and political points discussed in the workshop will be clearly formulated and presented to the NDC by thirty participants from the visually impaired, disabled, hearing impaired and the mute.
Damianova listed as disadvantages the poor quality of infrastructure, the low efficiency of Bulgarian institutions, the deteriorating quality of the workforce, the existing corrupt practices and the lack of clearly formulated goals and strategies on a company level.
It was also only in the 1960s that Milton Friedman clearly formulated the Great Depression's monetary lessons.
Turkmenistan, guided by clearly formulated principles of energy strategy, realistic assessment of its own resource base and prospects of its use in the future, opted not to replace some energy supplies with other, not to change their geographic routes, but to expand and supplement them by reaching new promising markets.
The explanation has been clearly formulated in the best tradition of the inquisition defined by Torquemada.
Searle's chapter 'Social Ontology and Political Power' is arguably superior to the chapter on free will, and it raises questions about the relationships between intentionality, social institutions, and political power that have been implicit but not usually clearly formulated in traditional philosophy.
As a result, central banks ran the risk of no longer appearing to follow a clearly formulated policy guideline.