clearly indicated

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References in classic literature ?
Denisov did not take his eyes off her and beat time with his saber in a way that clearly indicated that if he was not dancing it was because he would not and not because he could not.
His manner clearly indicated that he considered the interview at an end.
"My brave Ned, that country is not clearly indicated on the map of the world; but I admit that the nationality of the two strangers is hard to determine.
What might have happened, but for a timely interruption, may only be surmised; but that the trainer would have received a severe mauling, if nothing more, was clearly indicated by the attitudes of the two who faced him.
Of course, the 'forty-one degrees and thirteen minutes' could allude to nothing but elevation above the visible horizon, since the horizontal direction was clearly indicated by the words, 'northeast and by north.' This latter direction I at once established by means of a pocket-compass; then, pointing the glass as nearly at an angle of forty-one degrees of elevation as I could do it by guess, I moved it cautiously up or down, until my attention was arrested by a circular rift or opening in the foliage of a large tree that overtopped its fellows in the distance.
A TV programme on Japanese wrecks at Truk naval base, Western Pacific, clearly indicated that entering capsized wrecks required a safety-line, paying out on the way in, which line could be followed to exit safely should silt blindness occur.
Toronto -- Peter Kormos, NDP member of Ontario's provincial parliament has opened a controversy by introducing a private member's bill that would allow hospitals to harvest organs from dead patients who have not clearly indicated that they do not wish to donate their organs.
His critique of Brokeback Mountain clearly indicated that he was incapable of objectivity where the issue of homosexual relations on the screen is concerned.
Conceptual French choreographer Jerome Bel's prepared statement clearly indicated a global perception of the American arts funding crisis.
Over the years, studies on organizational communication have clearly indicated that managers are usually poor at sharing and listening and good at informing and educating; managers wearing their communication hats appear much happier and self-satisfied in the informing/educating role than in the sharing/listening role.
At an hCG level at which 95% of pregnancies should be detectable, none of the tests, when read at the suggested time (after 1-5 minutes), clearly indicated presence of the hormone; even at the highest hCG concentration tested, only 44% produced an indisputably positive result.
Articulations and dynamics are clearly indicated. Tempo, metronome markings and measure numbers are provided.