clearly known

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The rights and wrongs of the story, presuming that they had some existence in fact, were no longer clearly known to his wife and children; but this disappointment had played a very large part in their lives, and had poisoned the life of Sir Francis much as a disappointment in love is said to poison the whole life of a woman.
One sets down these particulars and compares the points of the American and German pattern of aeroplane and navigable, but none of these facts were clearly known to any of those who fought in this monstrously confused battle above the American great lakes.
is clearly known hath less terror than that which is but
How many people were injured is not clearly known yet.
A military force interfered in the clashes, which results are not clearly known, according to the sources.
Turkey's Syria policy is clearly known, said Unal, adding that those claims were groundless.
2 : a thing or amount that is clearly known but not named <I have something for you.
Perhaps we taxpayers should follow their example and make our desires clearly known.
However, accurate data have not been recently available, particularly from Nepal, because reporting is infrequent, laboratory confirmation is not available, and the extent of carriers is not clearly known (2).
Researchers have established that it also can protect against heart disease, although the mechanism by which it does so is not clearly known.
The state of Missouri, which had opposed them, dropped out of the case after the Supreme Court ruling in June 1990, which affirmed in general terms that a patient whose wishes are clearly known has the right to have his or her life-sustaining treatment ended.