clearly marked

References in classic literature ?
My duty is clearly marked for me; I ought to be with her, and I will be.
They both looked out of the window, first up at the hard silver moon, stationary among a hurry of little grey-blue clouds, and then down upon the roofs of London, with all their upright chimneys, and then below them at the empty moonlit pavement of the street, upon which the joint of each paving-stone was clearly marked out.
There was Wallingford lock, clearly marked, a mile and a half below Benson's.
The sanctity seemed no less clearly marked than the learning, for when Dorothea was impelled to open her mind on certain themes which she could speak of to no one whom she had before seen at Tipton, especially on the secondary importance of ecclesiastical forms and articles of belief compared with that spiritual religion, that submergence of self in communion with Divine perfection which seemed to her to be expressed in the best Christian books of widely distant ages, she found in Mr.
Chaucer's poetry falls into three rather clearly marked periods.
Two lines of footmarks were clearly marked along the farther end of the path, both leading away from me.
His position enabled him to bring the whole encampment, with its tent, wagons, and lodges, into a dark but clearly marked profile; furnishing a clue by which the practised warrior was led to a tolerably accurate estimate of the force he was about to encounter.
You will remember that Mowgli had left the village with the heavy weight of Shere Khan's raw hide on his shoulders, while Akela and Gray Brother trotted behind, so that the triple trail was very clearly marked.
In the middle of it, clearly marked on the sodden soil, was the track of a bicycle.
one (1) Original, Clearly Marked original , And Five (5) Copies, Clearly Marked copy , Must Be Submitted In Separate Three-ring, Loose-leaf Binders With Identification Of The Vendor, The Job Number As Located On The Rfp Cover Sheet, And The Rfp Title On The Front Cover.
The areas will be clearly marked with wheelchair symbols.
There is only one correctly marked out council area for electric recharging and that's at Guisborough off Rectory Lane where there are two clearly marked parking bays for use by rechargers.