clearly stated

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The sum of her instincts on this matter, if clearly stated, would have been that the elusive quality of her sex which attracts men in general might be distasteful to so perfect a man after an avowal of love, since it must in its very nature carry with it a suspicion of art.
Of these courses the most important was that on 'Heroes and Hero-Worship,' in which he clearly stated the doctrine on which thereafter he laid increasing stress, that the strength of humanity is in its strong men, the natural leaders, equipped to rule by power of intellect, of spirit, and of executive force.
That being clearly stated, I take it to be, as it were, a duty, that we should extend our patronage to a degraded stage, even for the sake of the associations with which it is entwined.
This was a more serious interruption than the other, because she never knew exactly what she wanted, and half a dozen requests would bolt from her, no one of which was clearly stated.
His commentary very clearly stated the case for personal involvement in combating crime, as well as presenting the appropriate precautions to be observed.
Forest Lawn's policies and procedures will now be even more clearly stated and special training implemented to assure a high level of sensitivity to the needs of persons with disabilities.
We clearly stated our objective to expand Bioxel's market presence in Europe and broaden our client base with generic manufacturers.
In the shareholders' lease, a provision clearly stated that in the event of a successful summary proceeding, the shareholder would be liable for any legal expenses incurred by the co-op.
The action was intended to meet a pressing need at that time for a clearly stated policy governing the display of content carried by the nation's 800 Realtor(R)-owned Multiple Listing Services on VOWs around the country.
When the very notion of defrauding Olive Ruby was first raised in 1996, it was subsequently put to rest by Ruby herself when she clearly stated that she was a willing and active supporter of Brown and the Samuel Dixon Family Health Center.
We began the year with a clearly stated objective to be recognized as a leader in the speech application market, and we are confident that our continued momentum is enabling us to achieve that goal," continued Miller.
During his trial, Bates fired off numerous, neat handwritten motions that clearly stated legal grounds for his requests.