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When faced with the question of whether the written description would have enabled a PHOSITA at the time of filing to use cleavable fusion expression to make HGH without undue experimentation, (135) the Federal Circuit determined that it did not:
Durham, today most systems use cleavable 2-alkyl-2-adamantane methacrylate copolymerized with lactone and fused ring alcohols in order to offset the high hydrophobicity of the adamantane ring.
These patients tend to have limited skin disease, are anticentromere positive, and demonstrate granzyme B cleavable autoantigens.
This new class of materials, "could prove useful in diverse fields as textile processing, electronics fabrication, sample management, wastewater processing, and cleavable phase transfer reagents," says Scott Vaupen, business development associate at Sandia.
Marker LW8, a cleavable amplified polymorphic sequence (CAPS) marker located 3.
Applied Biosystems launched its Cleavable ICAT Reagent Technology .
Specifically, I propose to characterize the intestinal inflammation- and cancer-associated CD1d lipidome based on novel in vitro and in vivo models of cleavable CD1d and a recently established lipidomics approach.
Innovation for emerging companies like Seattle Genetics, ImmunoGen and Spirogen--as well as established bioplayers like Genentech--has come from improvements in linking technology that allow for hydrophilic and even tumor-activated linkers to be used, in addition to improved linkers of the cleavable variety.
2009) reported that evodiamine stabilised Topo 1-DNA cleavable complex as the inhibitory mechanism.
It is possible that the inclusion of a cleavable stable isotope-labeled internal standard peptide, stable isotope-labeled internal standard polypeptide (12), or stable isotope-labeled protein analog (13) can help control for both proteolytic variability and peptide degradation, but these approaches have not yet been extensively studied in human plasma.
One afternoon Alfredo Petrov and I wandered into this remote mining camp and bought about 200 pounds of beautiful cleavable teallite at prices only somewhat higher than the smelter would pay.
Camptothecin analogs that form more stable ternary complexes with DNA and topoisomerase I (termed cleavable complexes) show greater activity in their ability to inhibit tumor cell line growth in pre-clinical studies.