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Cleavage Therapy(TM) is a new procedure for cleavage enhancement that differs from other breast augmentation procedures," says Dr.
With an intricately-designed dress that looked formal and sexy at the same time, which made her cleavage looked bigger than ever before, it was not hard for her to make sure the crowd's attention will be on her.
13 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian showed off her major cleavage in the same black cutout bikini that her sister Kylie Jenner modeled on Instagram.
A survey has revealed fellas want to see as much cleavage as possible while wining and dining their loved one on February 14.
The dress featured a crystal-embellished long sleeved top with a plunging decolletage which showed off Ms Ora's magnificent cleavage - a gold star to whoever was responsible for making sure nothing escaped during the evening.
Mutation of the proteolytic cleavage site often has profound implications for disease progression (17,18).
Bowman and Scott added reversible chain cleavage groups in a crosslinked polymer by introducing special functional groups into the chain network.
Nordas argues that in countries that have a religious cleavage along world religions, the probability of conflict increases when the state has an official state religion and persecutes religious minorities.
Although the women in this study had no problems with wrinkles at their cleavage, 57 percent said their chest smoothened after wearing La Decollette.
A survey revealed that their biggest pet peeve has something to do with cleavage.
KATE MOSS There's a time and a place for cleavage and Alexander McQueen's memorial wasn't it.