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The finding that the HA cleavage site of this virus was probably a result of nonhomologous recombination, as described for other avian influenza A(H7) virus outbreaks, underscores the potential for emergence of HPAI H7 viruses (13,14).
More precisely, the challenge was to obtain an mAb with high affinity and whose epitope was confined near the cleavage site of pro[BNP.
Overall, 100% of FECV sequences analyzed contain the furin cleavage site, with a core motif of R-R-S/A-R-R-S.
Corin is a serine protease that can cleave both proANP and proBNP in vitro; presumably at a similar cleavage site (55, 56).
0] cleavage site remains speculative; a hypothetical protein of Gallus gallus (GenBank accession no.
N-Terminal sequencing of PSA has confirmed that there are three internal cleavage sites, at residues 85-86, 145146, and 182-183 (14).
As expected, the Can112051-06 and SAF-V polyproteins contained 11 putative cleavage sites.
It is apparent that the presence or absence of a free NHZ terminus on the third (P3) residue preceding the cleavage site has a major effect on substrate efficiency, and the type of group added to this amino acid residue is likely to exert a strong effect on substrate efficiency.
Therefore, using appropriate primers, we introduced a cleavage site for MboII into the PCR product by changing a single base.
html), and a detailed analysis was performed on the cleavage site (Table).