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The geometric relationship of these cleavages to bedding and regional structures (folds and thrust faults) suggests that they formed during a very early phase of bedding-parallel shortening, and were progressively obliterated by layer-parallel slip and shear.
Religious cleavages do not by themselves explain civil war.
La Decollette was invented to prevent wrinkles at women's cleavages, but now it also seems to support women who had breast surgery.
and expose some whose cleavages are an affront to us all.
The Daily Mail also named Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Katy Perry and Elizabeth Hurley as squoob aficionados, sporting "gravity-defying cleavages that often seem to be fighting their frocks for supremacy".
Vintage beauties Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor have topped a list of the greatest cleavages of time.
DMAE added to the embryos at the two-cell stage in concentrations of 100-400 [micro]M did not alter cleavage divisions or blastulation, but at very high concentrations (600-800 [micro]M), cleavages were inhibited (Figures 2 and 3).
At the height of its popularity, sales of the Wonderbra were 22,000 a week, helped by a series of steamy billboard adverts featuring the cleavages of attractive models such as Eva Herzigova and Sophie Anderton, and slogans such as the celebrated "Hello Boys".
Under UV light, those fractures showed up as many minute cleavages, all ringed with blue light.
And while stars such as Jordan and Jodie Marsh feature in the top 10 cleavages, the study claims to prove that size isn't everything.
To produce con A from the proposed precursor requires several cleavages and then ligation of transposed pieces.