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As there is only one normally cleaving egg per capsule, and the eggs cytolyze after decapsulation, it was not possible to follow the successive cleavages in the living embryo.
The major point is that given differences in the social group bases of the parties, the cleavages that define the party system in each state are likely to vary in meaningful ways.
While studying the effects of laser ablation on a magnesium oxide crystal, Dickinson and his colleagues observed that the laser chips away atoms along the blue-light-emitting cleavages in the crystal.
Ten striking cleavages have been put together for a Valentine's Day competition by online communications group Tiscali.
Many aspects of development--including pronuclear migration and cleavage (4), cytoplasmic and cellular movements (5), differentiation and organogenesis--would be better understood and more effectively compared to other embryos if examined in the living state.
Therefore, we attempted to measure the timing of several early cleavages in sea urchin eggs of various temperatures.
Spiral cleavage, which characterizes the embryos of phyla belonging to the Spiralia, typically involves the generation of four quartets of micromeres from the four macromeres produced by the first and second cleavages.
In other spiralian embryos, the first two cleavages are unequal, so the dorsoventral axis is established precociously, at the four-cell stage, through the differential segregation of developmental determinants within the dorsal cell quadrant (1).
ISLAMABAD -- Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa condemned Sunday's terrorist attack at Quetta's Bethel Memorial Church, calling it 'an attempt to cloud Christmas celebrations/create religious cleavages.
A statement issued by ISPR, COAS condemning the attack said that terrorist attack Quetta's Bethel Memorial Church, called it 'an attempt to cloud Christmas celebrations/create religious cleavages.
Addressing the evolution of the party system (rather than focusing much on the development of particular parties) in relation to the cleavages of Turkish society (e.
and expose some whose cleavages are an affront to us all.