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We took advantage of a recently developed mAb assay to measure cleaved PS and evaluate its significance in terms of risk of VTE in comparison with total PS and free PS measured in two different assays based, respectively, on the specific binding of PS to a mAb or to C4b-BP.
The patient is a 73-year-old man with a history of NHL, follicular small cleaved cell type, treated with radiation therapy 13 years before the present admission.
For all four runs in table 5, essentially the same current flows and the same concentration of sulfur-sulfur bonds is cleaved.
The oxidation was independent of the V/III ratio of the growth, impurity level in the initial epilayer, and specimen edge preparation, whether wet etched, ion milled, chemically-assisted ion-beam etched, or cleaved.
Moreover, they found that the strain cleaved hemagglutinin with a protease called plasmin, which is easily derived from plasminogen a precursor widely available in the host.
Freshly cleaved in a humid environment, mica readily acquires a one-molecule-thick layer of water.