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CLEMENTINES, eccl. law. The name usually given to the collection of decretals or constitutions of Pope Clement V., which was made by order of John XXII. his successor, who published it in 1317. The death of Clement V., which happened in 1314, prevented him from publishing this collection, which is properly a compilation, as well of the epistles and constitutions of this pope, as of the decrees of the council of Vienna, over which he presided. The Clementines are divided in five books, in which the matter is distributed nearly upon the same plan as the Decretals of Gregory IX. Vide La Bibliotheque des auteurs ecclesiastiques, par Dupin.

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The Clementine program's treatment is therapeutically grounded, incorporating state-of-the-art approaches, research, outcome data and up-to-date medical knowledge, and is creative and flexible.
Many influences and inspirations have affected My Darling Clementine but George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, The Louvin Brothers and The Everley Brothers the most.
Clementine was born in Ayer, a daughter of the late Michael and Lucia (Landano) Lucchesi.
He saw life through a pair of thick glasses that magnified his eyes; he didn't need glasses to tell that Clementine was too far gone for modern medicine to cure.
From the author of the popular Alice-Miranda books comes a new series about Clementine Rose.
The satsuma is also usually seedless and slightly larger than the mandarin or clementine.
As a Style Scouts competition winner, lucky Clementine had the chance to consult on the new Christmas collection, which is aimed at girls aged 9-16, and star in a professional photo shoot to model the first range.
Ashley is a thirtysomething singing teacher living in a grim tower block in London who deals with his violent childhood through self-harm whilst Clementine is a happy little girl growing up in Rwanda with her big brother, Pio, and her parents.
Alex Charfen, co-founder and CEO of the Distressed Property Institute in Austin, Texas, said that agents such as Clementine Jackson with the CDPE Designation have valuable perspective on the market, and training in short sales that can offer homeowners real alternatives to foreclosure, which can be devastating to credit ratings.
To be sure that it was indeed OK, Mercer started making paints and dough from natural ingredients for her studio, then launched Clementine Art with six products in 2008.
Miss Clementine three-seater and, below, Dali three-seater and, bottom, Miss Firefly
Innovative products developed for desserts and breakfast pots include brandied fruits, caramelised clementine zest and Christmas pudding, spiced winter and orange and clove compotes.