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Emma Barton plays Dolly and Jasmyn Banks is Pauline Clench.
This group also did better than the group that did not clench their fists at all, though this difference was not statistically 'significant'.
Meanwhile Mr Clench, who used to be a male nurse, tended to Mr Rawlins who he suspected had suffered a stroke.
At the time, Clench was an Indian agent and responsible for the distribution of funds from land sales, said Jody Kechego, research director for Land Claims for the First Nation.
Zapping other fish with high-voltage bursts lets eels remotely control their prey's nervous system to make muscles twitch and clench.
If you want to remember something, clench your right fist.
You apparently clench your right fist to store the memory and clench your left fist to release it.
Winners Brandon Lowe, Paige Laight, Jamie Brooke, Liam Stanners, Sekou Bamba, Ashley Clench and Annie-Mai Goode will enjoy a London weekend away worth over PS9,000.