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The clenched fist held high, slightly angled forward, has long been a symbol of militant protest.
The picture of the couple holding hands and Winnie still raising her clenched fist as Mandela strode to freedom in 1990 was the icing on the cake for a determined wife, who had her husband taken away from her at a tender age, when most women would have remarried.This is one picture that the world should cherish.
The clenched fist was used by Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Nikita Khrushchev, Tom Hayden ("We are all Vietcong!"), and Chinese Communists, as well as Marxist agitator Jesse Jackson.
* PARENTS' claim Seen on ultrasonography, the fetus' clenched fists were a sign of possible fetal abnormality.
"He was told to take his hands out and when he refused the officer took hold of his arms and noticed in his clenched fist he had a Stanley blade.
I sit in the waiting room with my fists clenched, sweating."
The researchers found that participants who clenched their right fist before memorizing the word list, and then clenched their left fist immediately prior to trying to recall the words performed significantly better than those who clenched their fists in a different manner or did not clench their fists at all.
Clayton Lockett, 38, writhed, clenched his teeth and appeared to struggle against restraints holding him to a gurney before Oklahoma prison officials halted the execution.
Cardiff Crown Court heard how she hit her victim three times with a clenched fist and CCTV footage which recorded the attack was played in the courtroom.
There were 4 groups who clenched their hands; One group clenched their right fist for about 90 seconds immediately prior to memorizing the list and then did the same immediately prior to recollecting the words.
Read this article with your right hand clenched into a fist.
At TechFest event, where Microsoft offered journalists a sneak peek of some of its prototypes and revealed details of some of its current research and development projects, the company demonstrated that Kinect can now recognize hand (rather than simply full body) gestures such as clenched and open fists and finger movements.