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The 50 subjects were split into five groups: one that clenched a rubber ball in their right fist for about a minute and a half while scanning the word list and right before trying to recall the words; another group did the same with the left hand.
Mullan's clenched fist was not buried behind his back but raised in the air in protest in the uproarious 1960s and early 1970s, when he came of age as a physician in a hospital founded in a the nineteenth-century charitable impulse.
In Glasgow, milk is signed by pointing the index finger of the left hand at the clenched fingers of the right hand.
In the ambitious Flock, a world premiere, Samuel Lee Roberts led ah adulatory congregation that rushed across the stage in his wake, hands clenched in fists.
Lester manages to grab the "bug" and keeps it clenched in his hand until he is examined at the hospital.
Depicting a clenched fist,Lennon's stamps went under the hammer in a Sotheby's rock 'n' roll and film memorabilia sale at London's Olympia.
A slab of rubber with a V-shaped strap clenched between the first two toes, Havaianas debuted in 1962, inspired by the footwear of Japanese farm workers.
Later that night I went to take a piss and found the same guy huddled around a urinal with a crack pipe clenched tightly between his lips and, Oh, did my eyes light up with the thought of revengel I pretended not to pay any attention as I washed my hands and walked out of the men's room which at this point reeked like burning plastic.
delivered with clenched teeth also is not convincing.
talking/whispering to victims through clenched teeth;
Simultaneously, the police would have to be on the lookout for shell-shocked Apple investors, still miffed about Windows' eclipse of the Apple operating system; one angry remark, one clenched fist, or one itchy trigger finger and who knows what misfortune might occur on the Esplanade?
One lifts a fallen comrade onto the shoulders of another, thrusting the wounded man's clenched fist skyward to cut the exact center line of the image.