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In Church and State, Coleridge erects a constitutional scheme to enable a national reading community guided by this clerisy, so that the circulation of print through that community will result in readings of literary and legal texts regulated by a shared sense of custom and value.
Given the displacement of classical-Christian civilization, Faulkner intuited that his "moral mission" was to serve a role within a secular clerisy that comprised "a spiritualized literary authority responsible for the intellectual and spiritual well-being of the nation" (Man of Letters 29).
This clerisy, reminiscent of the 'aliens' of Culture and Anarchy, was essential for counteracting the injurious activities of a society's 'unsound majority', a majority which Arnold, increasingly authoritarian during the last decade of his life, was coming more and more to distrust.
As Benedict Anderson has contended, "the astonishing power of the papacy in its noonday is only comprehensible in terms of a trans-European Latin-writing clerisy, and a conception of the world, shared by virtually everyone, that the bilingual intelligentsia, by mediating between vernacular and Latin, mediated between earth and heaven.
Indeed, even that is too great a distinction to draw; Professor Graglia agrees wholeheartedly with the leftist clerisy on the question of who ought to be doing the dirty work of revisionism, for both want revisionists who agree with them.
The passage reveals the philosophical ancestry of his political and religious agenda: It summarizes work by the Averroes scholar Ernest Renan, who, like Averroes and Arnold, promotes the notion of a clerisy disseminating religious myths among the common people in order to create social stability.
He calls another ascendant group the Clerisy, which is based in academia (where there are now many more administrators and staffers than full-time instructors), media, the nonprofit sector and, especially, government: Since 1945, government employment has grown more than twice as fast as America's population.
The artists and intellectuals first turned against liberal innovation during the late 19th century, with ruinous consequences: "The treason of the clerisy led in the twentieth century to the pathologies of nationalism and socialism and national socialism," McCloskey notes.
Nasal SoftStrips(TM) are safe, simple, fast-acting and provide long-lasting results," states Clerisy Corp.
5) Coleridge believed that society needed the leadership of gentlemen and of the priests, scholars and teachers whom he called "the clerisy.
For a century and a half a good part of the clerisy has been off duty, standing in the street outside the factory or office or movie studio hurling insults at the varied workers there" (147).
Maskell and Robinson are troubled that "the idea that the university is a semireligious institution demanding moral commitment from its members, an institution whose 'output' if any is the clerisy, has been hibernating for a long time.