clerk of the court

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The Missouri Court of Appeals Southern District said Monday that Craig Street will become its next clerk of the court.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal as Clerk of the Court on this 11th day of September, 2017.
THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT held a program of remembrance for longtime Clerk of the Court Sid J.
A) judgement determining the merits of the case is only considered rendered when it is 'in writing personally and directly prepared by the judge and filed with the clerk of the court,'' the Supreme Court said in its Aug.
Hall was asked by the clerk of the court if he understood that he faced three separate charges of indecent assault and if he wanted to enter a plea.
One magistrate told us that violation of a protection order is a criminal offence and this makes people respect it, a clerk of the court said.
After a jury was sworn in at Bradford Crown Court late yesterday afternoon the clerk of the court told them that Booth had pleaded not guilty to the allegation.
The clerk of the court had to take evasive action by moving to her left.
It caused the clerk of the court to dodge aside, before thumping into the bench occupied by Judge Nicholas Cooke QC.
The data was based on lis pendens filings in the Clerk of the Court for all three counties.
The realistic courtroom includes a judges' bench, witness box and accommodation for the clerk of the court and counsel.
In court, it's essential your solicitor checks that the clerk of the court has received a photo of the offence at least a week before the trial date and that you, the defendant, have seen one too.