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But then the Frenchman is a marquis, and the cleverer of the two," remarked Polina imperturbably.
She shall have everything a woman can desire; I shall not even object to her being too good for me; she may be cleverer and wiser than I can understand, and I shall only be the better pleased.
But you daren't say-- you can't say--that he's cleverer than I, or bolder than I, or even more energetic.
And thorny crown of this sad conception was that she whom he really did prefer in a cursory way to the rest, she who knew herself to be more impassioned in nature, cleverer, more beautiful than they, was in the eyes of propriety far less worthy of him than the homelier ones whom he ignored.
He was far cleverer than I at getting in and out; but even had I been his match for stealth and wariness, my company would have doubled every risk.
It is well, my friends," said Ignosi, late Umbopa; "and what sayest thou, Macumazahn, art thou also with me, old hunter, cleverer than a wounded buffalo?
While she talked he thought that she was worth ten of Mildred; she amused him much more and was jollier to talk to; she was cleverer, and she had a much nicer nature.
For my own part, I like a medical man more on a footing with the servants; they are often all the cleverer.
Much cleverer," the boy said, "but we've been great chums all our life.
When the week's out," he said, "you will own I'm a cleverer fellow than you think me now.
He's put away a whole lot of cleverer and better men than him.
When I'm dressed in red I always feel ever so much cleverer than in any other colour.