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As a matter of fact it takes a much cleverer man to be a really good animal-doctor than it does to be a good people's doctor.
I blush when I think how I interfered at Florence, and you so well able to look after yourself, and so much cleverer in all ways than I am.
And thorny crown of this sad conception was that she whom he really did prefer in a cursory way to the rest, she who knew herself to be more impassioned in nature, cleverer, more beautiful than they, was in the eyes of propriety far less worthy of him than the homelier ones whom he ignored.
When it once begins to dawn upon you that you are a good deal cleverer than any one else in this world, bashfulness becomes shocked and leaves you.
When the week's out," he said, "you will own I'm a cleverer fellow than you think me now.
Strange, ain't it, how folks seem to resent anyone being born a mite cleverer than they be.
Now we shall see what Frederic Larsan has up his sleeve, and whether he is so much cleverer than anybody else.
Have cleverer hands, grasp after deeper happiness, after deeper unhappiness, grasp after some God; grasp not after me:
His Grace is, I fear, henpecked, and the Duchess herself is the sport of cleverer people.
It also replaces the Yeti - a shame as the Yeti is a lot cleverer and a more desirable design than many abominable SUVs.
Davies (right) brought a bruising honesty to the pitch, but was a far cleverer footballer than ever given credit for.
SPIN-off show Big Brother's Bit On The Side is, as ever, much cleverer than the main Channel 5 show.