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She is conscience-stricken because she is only indulging in the luxury of being adored 'by far the cleverest man she has ever met,' and is as heart-whole as I am
The cleverest character in comedy is the clown, for he who would make people take him for a fool, must not be one.
When he asked Eldridge, his cleverest boy, what was the meaning of this the answer came sullenly:
Filon's stories (not because we are quite sure it is the cleverest of them) with a view to the more definite illustration of his method, therein.
All we desire is to pay our respects to your Majesty--the cleverest king in all the world, I'm sure--and then to continue on our way.
Some of the cleverest, it is true, had taken bread and butter with them: but none shared it with his neighbor, for each thought, 'Let him look hungry, and then the Princess won't have him.
The cleverest detective in England spent yesterday under your nose at St.
Playful wit and abstract arguments fascinate you and that's for all the world like the old Austrian /Hof-kriegsrath/, as far as I can judge of military matters, that is: on paper they'd beaten Napoleon and taken him prisoner, and there in their study they worked it all out in the cleverest fashion, but look you, General Mack surrendered with all his army, he-he-he
Colia tells me you are the cleverest man he has ever known.
The cleverest in the world," interrupted his uncle hastily.
He said: "Leslie was quite simply the cleverest man in Huddersfield and I and many others will remember him fondly.
A new scam is currently making the rounds in Gmail inboxes and it is by far one of the cleverest to date.