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She is conscience-stricken because she is only indulging in the luxury of being adored 'by far the cleverest man she has ever met,' and is as heart-whole as I am
The cleverest character in comedy is the clown, for he who would make people take him for a fool, must not be one.
If a man had an enemy in those old days, the cleverest thing he could do was to slip a note for the Council of Three into the Lion's mouth, saying "This man is plotting against the Government.
Just see the power of this metal over the cleverest lad in the world
When he asked Eldridge, his cleverest boy, what was the meaning of this the answer came sullenly:
Colia tells me you are the cleverest man he has ever known.
Only yesterday my husband was telling me he thought you one of the cleverest young men he knew.
So far as brains go I think it's true what he said the other day; they're the cleverest people in England.
Farebrother, the cleverest man in her narrow circle.
Filon's stories (not because we are quite sure it is the cleverest of them) with a view to the more definite illustration of his method, therein.
Hatfield the cleverest, Sir Thomas the wickedest, and Mr.
Tricks she knew that discounted even far greater physical prowess than her own, and a method of attack that might have been at once the envy and despair of the cleverest of warriors.