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The Ambassador, that brought this, is waiting in the house: and he's sure to see Sylvie and Bruno: and then, when he sees Uggug, and remembers all that about 'goodness, cleverness, and beauty,' why, he's sure to--"
I'll make him believe Uggug to be a model of cleverness and all that.
You are aware, I replied, that quick intelligence, memory, sagacity, cleverness, and similar qualities, do not often grow together, and that persons who possess them and are at the same time high-spirited and magnanimous are not so constituted by nature as to live orderly and in a peaceful and settled manner; they are driven any way by their impulses, and all solid principle goes out of them.
The baker, who had of course been only in joke, was exceedingly surprised at my cleverness, and the woman, who was at last convinced that the man spoke the truth, produced another piece of money in its place.
Divide your cleverness by ten, and the quotient--dear me
What I remember is that I was content not, for the time, to open the question, and that contentment must have sprung from the sense of his perpetually striking show of cleverness.
Wilshere (above) is proven at Champions League level in one-off or two-off games, as we saw at the start of his career, and he has that cleverness they would be looking for.
O has attempted to demonstrate his over cleverness before the officials concerned.
The minister said that young generation should be made aware of war between Pakistan and India so that our new generation must stay well informed of the conspiracies and cleverness of the enemy against Pakistan.
But he is still a young player and it is not on his top, he needs more experience, he needs more cleverness in his game but, as I mentioned, he worked hard and that is always the least you need to do, to run, working, being aggressive and then those type of players make the difference because they have that kind of in built quality that most players don't have.
I soon became greatly impressed by the sheer cleverness as the coking process producing a gas of high calorific value similar to that supplied for decades by the local gasworks.
That's the result of a nationwide study of driving habits in rental cars by telematics technology provider In-Car Cleverness.