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So the Detective followed the Clew a whole year through a thousand sinuosities, and at last found himself in the office of the Morgue.
The Clew, meanwhile, sauntered among the busy haunts of men, arm in arm with an Ingenious Theory.
The thing you mention," he said, "the clew (as you call it), might be seen and might be touched--supposing you could find it.
If you do by any chance succeed in laying your hand on the clew, remember this--
Not a word nor a sign did the dog receive, no suggestion and no clew as to what his conduct should be.
A sum of between eighty and ninety pounds in Bank of England notes; a few simple articles belonging to the toilet; materials for needle-work; and a photographic portrait of a young lady, inscribed, "To Anne, from Blanche," were found in the bag--but no letters, and nothing whatever that could afford the slightest clew by which the owner could be traced.
Mr Clews pointed to Charter Avenue and Torrington Avenue industrial estates, in Canley and Tile Hill, as examples of where the council would dispose of unprofitable leases.
No-one was injured, but the security forces swarmed across the area," Clews said.
Mr Clews, thought to be the university's oldest graduate this year, collected a 2:1 BEng (Hons) degree in Mechatronics, a mix of mechanical and electrical engineering.
Clews said the prosecution case was that Berry made pounds 9,250 from his fraudulent activities.
Clews said: "My fear is that Government policies are making things worse for people and the only way to try to support the aspirations of hard-working families is by joining Labour.
According to a traffic study by the town, Clews Street, which has about 24 households, has about 1,365 vehicle trips per day.