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The gunslinger who drinks is a cliche -- it was a cliche 50 years ago, when Lee Marvin spoofed it in Cat Ballou -- and a ride in a hot-air balloon representing the lovers' former happiness (if only they could live in the sky forever, floating above this awful world
We have been listening to that cliche since the early 70s, after Maria Colwell was killed by her stepfather.
With LP3, Restorations has taken every potential cliche and tossed them out the window to create the most memorable and standout record of their career to date.
Although not radically different from your average skate trip, there are a few things that make the Cliche Gypsy Tour different: each rider has to live on a ten-euro per diem and there are absolutely no hotels.
But if you must use a cliche, then how about this one: A Thin Blue Line.
Les parents meurtriers au Quebec, 1775-1965 (Boreal, 2011) et d'articles traitant des aspects legaux de l'inceste, Cliche entremele adroitement dans le present livre l'histoire du genre, de la famille et de la violence.
Or c'est bien a ce spectacle travaille que nous convie Sebastien Cliche, a cette telepresence et a cette teleportation continuelle, apanage de nos presences telechargees et distanciees, dans l'espace comme dans le temps.
Some people just have a green thumb for cliches and buzzwords.
What an honour it was to be among the nine people singled out by the Eye for deploying this cliche, my words rubbing shoulders with those of an MP, various local and national journalists, and - less impressively - Russell Brand, pictured.
Ode to the Cliche They have crucified the cliche, They've cut her to the quick.
SILENT Cliche can atone for an unfortunate fall at Sedgefield when he returns to the track at Catterick.
Noella Cliche, owner and 30-year resident of Sudbury, opened the newly renovated luxury suites in March 2008.