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Her pal Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) represents the cliched blowsy, bitter housewife (should any further information about her be needed, she pratfalls in an exercise class and steps into dog excrement while trying to polish her image).
What results is often a cliched sentiment about the rural nether-regions of our land and the gritty struggles and triumphs of the human spirit that occur there (the recent, over-hyped novels Plainsong, by Kent Haruf, and Winter Range, by Claire Davis, come to mind).
As numerous theorists and critics have now recognized, the satirist attacks, indirectly, all kinds of unexamined and cliched thinking.
Created by Citron Haligman Bedecarre EuroRSCG, the campaign, "Women-Not-Cliches" used cliched expressions about women and gave them a fun, irreverent twist.
X Factor wannabes have been warned that judges are tiring of "sob stories" and cliched claims about their dreams of stardom.
The annoying juxtaposition of jump cuts and freeze-frames for ostensibly ``edgy'' effect is simply cliched these days, as tired as the subplots about Cole's character's cat-and-mouse divorce - the couple's bickering sounds more like flirtatiousness - and his initial reluctance to accept a new team member.