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I found myself on my feet emptying one magazine, then the other, clicking open the breech to re-load, snapping it to again, while cheering and yelling with pure ferocity and joy of slaughter as I did so.
As I sat gazing at my remarkable find, which was tick-ing and clicking away there in the silence of the desert night, trying to convey some message which I was unable to interpret, my eyes fell upon a bit of paper lying in the bottom of the box beside the instrument.
I became almost frantic as I let my imagination run riot among the possibilities for which this clicking instrument might stand.
Well, I sat there all night, listening to that tantalizing clicking, now and then moving the sending-key just to let the other end know that the instrument had been discovered.
Heaven knows, unless it is that the persistent clicking of that unfathomable enigma out there in the vast silences of the Sahara has so wrought upon my nerves that reason refuses longer to function sanely.
Had it not been for the chance that caused Cogdon Nestor to throw down his sleeping rug directly over the hidden instru-ment, it might still be clicking there unheard--and this story still unwritten.
Downes interrupted the clicking with his sending-key.
and Pyotr Petrovitch, as though comforted, went back to clicking his beads.
Begin by clicking on Tools, Macro and then, from the drop-down menu, select Macro, Record New Macro (see screenshot below).
A new crop of websites allows visitors to help a wide range of worthy green causes merely by clicking the mouse button.
Resident killer whales change the speed of their clicking gradually.
Highlight that item by clicking on it and then click on "Retrieve".