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26 This would also be an implication of Horace's instruction to Torquatus to leave for dinner by the backdoor and so avoid the cliens waiting in his hall; there is a cliens who is an umbra at dinner in Juvenal 5.17.
Martina, 'Ennio "poeta cliens'", QFC 2 (1979), 17-74; Gruen, Studies, op.
El termino puer sirve tanto para servus como para cliens y libertus.
The senior consular could by no stretch be judged a genuine social equal of Catullus, and it is this fact of life which imposes a potential concern: to what extent is the reality of the amicus inferior, inscribed here in poetic gifts making unmistakable allusion to the political poetry offered by Callimachus to his monarch, being assimilated to the position of cliens? The tender expressions of amicitia in Poem 65 are certainly liable to clash with the courtly poetry of 66, depending, one must add, on the reading of 66 entertained by Hortensius.
1: <<Celeriter iniunctis obsecundabo, curo tua tractus auctoritate, tum principaliter amplissimi uiri Victorii comitis deuotiene praeuentus, quem iure saeculari patronum, Jure ecclesiastico filium ecolo ut cliens, ut pater diligo>>
Like the references to the arcanum and the knowledge--commissum--which have been entrusted to a cliens, these words of advice underscore a furtive secrecy about information that characterizes the system of patronage.
Subscribers in the directed new share issue are the institutional investors Cliens Kapitalforvaltning AB, Creades AB, Didner & Gerge Fonder AB, Grenspecialisten Forvaltning AB, Handelsbanken Fonder AB and OstVast Capital.
maritus Mycales idemque Virronis cliens, nunc autem ad praesentem pauperis clientis conditionem spectet, sensusque obvius et simplex hic sit: Noli sperare, poeta Trebium alloquitur, patronum tibi gratulaturum et munusculo aliquo laetitiam suam testaturum esse, si forte uxor tribus puerulis te uno partu beaverit.
Associated terms and synonyms that were generally expressed in the masculine - lidus, "villein", "boor", cliens, mancipius, famulus - ran the social gamut from chattel sieve to preferential status in a culture that relied upon ties of dependence for protection and social cohesion.
`The parasite of Latin literature', it is said, `is a negative reflection of the cliens' (8), or, to put it more clearly, the parasite is a symbol for unhealthy features of patronage, i.e., the use of unworthy means for unworthy ends.
Information Technology: The firm assists cliens to gain a thorough understanding of the information systems hardware and software that they require and are on call for continuing support.
En los inicios de la historia de Roma, era el perteneciente a los patricii, en calidad de senor de un cliens, cliente, actitud que tuvo una situacion menos aspera con el correr de los anos.