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Pour mieux expliquer alors, nous pouvons dire qu'une bonne commercialisation serait surtout comment vous presentez votre offre quelconque, elle tourne aussi autour des perspectives et programmes a presenter a la clientele, pour la convaincre que cette operation d'achat va ameliorer sa vie et la menera vers des stades plus eleves.
com will serve the UK clientele just like znetindia.
Shavlik will also leverage Epicor's Clientele Self-Service Portal, which integrates with Clientele CRM and is designed to dramatically reduce the number of first-level calls made to the support department, enabling support staff to concentrate on solving more complicated problems while reducing support costs.
Our team of relationship and branch managers are well-equipped to provide these stunning experience packages to our clientele in the coming months.
The local and celebrity clientele is 60% people of color and mostly female, though there is a growing male component.
We firmly believe in offering our clientele what they want and doing whatever it takes to meet their needs.
Epicor's award-winning CRM solution, Clientele, enables small and midsize enterprises to manage their entire customer lifecycle.
Surcanape's knowledge, expertise as well as the style and quality of its fabrics have made it a favourite name for those hoteliers wanting to offer their clientele / surroundings / interiors / an atmosphere / that is both elegant and intimate.
Combining my mortgage banking clientele with the existing practice at Lanahan & Reilley will create one of the largest mortgage fraud practices in the U.
Power Move: After developing a clientele, Taylor incorporated herself and solicited her own clients as an independent contractor.
Because of the creative sensitivity of this clientele, full "ultra-luxury" service is less in demand than extraordinarily beautiful, cutting edge architecture.