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Banque de l'Habitat: Augmentation de 9,46% des depots de la clientele
Nick Maclean, managing director, CBRE Middle East, said: "These key appointments reflect our drive and commitment to further bolster our expertise and ability to offer consultancy services to our growing clientele in the region.
Special services must be provided in situations that would maintain and increase clientele and patients' satisfaction and it is the most important part of job duties of professionals that raising the health and mental comfort of the patients (Ibid, 54-55)
Par contre, la commercialisation est cette histoire qui capte l'attention d'une clientele prospective.
The clientele will be served by a new team of front-end and tech support professionals who have got international customer management experience.
L'une des premieres taches du coordonnateur medical de premiere ligne est de mettre en place un guichet d'acces pour la clientele sans medecin de famille au sein de son territoire et en collaboration avec son CSSS respectif.
The documentary base for a study of this private institution consists largely of memoirs and letters written by salonnieres and their clienteles.
By offering sales services to our clientele, we have an opportunity to broaden the ways in which we can serve you and the industry as a whole.
The manner in which she executes her work is another feature that builds up repeat clientele.
Clientele eMarketing delivers a flexible environment for tracking and measuring campaign results.