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2-ethical issues related to clienteles: the most ethical issues in the process of psychotherapy consists issues that are related to consultant and psychology with clienteles.
reverence and respect clienteles -full attention to clienteles and understand him perfectly 'Lack of depriving people of the freedom from clienteles -secrecy -not betray the clienteles and respect safekeeping--advice and benevolence -friendship and kindness -honesty -adherent of right--tolerate the clienteles and neglect their mistakes-respect modesty and keep ethical party with people--avoidance from dual illegal or harmful relationships-considering prudence of clienteles--refer the clienteles in inability to provide the required services -No abuse of professional position of clienteles--be a pattern for clienteles.
3--Ethical issues related to other experts and colleagues: Beside serious tasks according to himself and clienteles, consultant and psychology should attention to ethical values against other experts especially helper expert which is his especial tasks.
Therefore avoids commission and commitment to any activity that his personal issues may cause contempt professional services or annoy clienteles [2].
It is obvious that consultant and psychology should respect social values and rules and ethical expectations of a society that they are working in that and should know that violation of legal criteria and acceptable ethical rules may exposed his clienteles to harmful conflicts.
La nomination d'un coordonnateur medical de premiere ligne, et la mise en place du guichet d'acces pour la clientele sans medecin de famille, constituent une premiere etape de mesures organisationnelles qui vont dans ce sens.
Pour ameliorer le dispositif de soins, qui touche particulierement la clientele vulnerable en sante physique et en sante mentale, d'autres mesures qui favorisent les medecins de la premiere ligne s'averent necessaires.